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Industrial and

Residential Earthwork

Earthwork Construction

Earthwork construction is an important part of your construction project so you need to make sure they are done correctly. When you choose Land Construction Company as your earthwork contractor in Saudi Arabia. At Land Construction Co., we are very proud of our earthwork services. We develop sites for municipalities, developers, builders, owners, and general contractors spanning the real estate, government, chemical plant, and industries. We work diligently and, with great dedication for our clients coordinating architects, engineers, suppliers, and craftsmen to deliver the precise product you desire.


With over years of experience, Land Construction Co., can well-handled all of your earthworks projects. You can depend on us because of our strong workforce, the use of modern equipment, and our expertise. We can provide all the earthwork machinery, which means we can really stay on top of our costs and production. Giving you a more accurate projection of the time and money needed to get the job done so we can complete our work on time, and on budget.

Earthwork Construction

Excavation and


Cutting and Filling

Earthwork Construction

As a full service engineering and construction firm, Land Construction Company is built to handle your excavation and backfilling need. Using a well-developed process, our excavation and backfilling contracting team handles every project using strategic planning and care. Our earthworks services include excavation, management, and backfill of earthen materials (e.g. soil, rock) for industrial, commercial, residential, and building projects. We have experience in all aspects of earthwork projects, starting from basic grading up to the complex multi-phases sites.


Backfilling is used for tasks such as protecting foundations, landscaping or filling in voids in underground structures during a variety of construction activities. Our team has an understanding of the nuance of backfilling, soil characteristics, and the techniques of construction to make each project successful. Every soil has unique characteristics requiring different construction techniques to ensure optimum performance.


LCC has developed specialized backfilling techniques for the process of putting the soil back inside a trench or in a foundation when the excavation is complete. The backfill process requires skills and knowledge on the specifications, contract requirements, and understanding of soil conditions.

Earthwork Construction

Site Grading

Site Development

and Demolition

Earthwork Construction

Leave it to the professional and local land grading contractors to complete a job of perfection for all your land grading needs grading is our specialty by the way. Land Construction Co. uses the best excavation tools to perform this task. Working with a Caterpillar, the equipment used on each project is well-serviced and running in top shape to safeguard against wasted time with repairs. Relying on the skid steer for grading projects to establish the operative drainage around a construction site, referring to the uniform building code for accurate slope and swale. This robust heavy piece of machinery ensures accurate and precise grades.


We provide all types of site development services included commercial, residential, and industrial site development projects services. We understand the complexities of these types of projects and the need for coordination within the entire project team in order to deliver projects on time. We strive to provide, with a minimum of delay, the other parties with any elements they may need.


LCC has the specialized equipment, personnel, and experience to safely and efficiently complete the decommissioning and demolition needs of our clients. LCC develops project-specific demolition plans that maximize the recoverable/recyclable materials (wood, concrete, steel) and minimizes the amount of debris going to landfills. These projects require the highest levels of planning and safety contact our experienced team to discuss your specific project needs.

Earthwork Construction
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