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We are an Earthwork & Land Surveying company & we are providing a wide range of Surveying Services in the field of Topographic Survey, Land Survey & Mapping including Civil Construction Survey, High Rise Building Survey, Mechanical Survey, Plant Construction Survey, Pipeline Survey, Railroad Survey, and Earthwork Quantity Survey, Stockpile Quantity Survey Services. 


We are always ready to serve you anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a very reasonable price & as per your project specifications & quality policies. We are having the latest Digital Latest Instruments i.e. GPS, Total Stations & Levels.


In case of any other specialized requirements needed apart from the categories mentioned above, Surveying Works with the help of readily available professional consultants, in the respective fields could explore a viable solution to meet such requirements for the ultimate satisfaction of valued & respected customers. 


Topographic Survey, Land Survey, Mapping and all types of Civil, Mechanical & Plant Construction Survey Work, Land, Desert, Mountain, Road, Pipeline, Railroad, Plant, City, Housing Society Topographic Survey Work, etc. 




All our survey work is carried out using electronic Total Stations linked to Data Loggers and Computer Plotted. Finished survey information can be provided on negatives or on computer disks to suit whatever system that the client may prefer.


At present we can carry out a site survey, download it onto a portable computer and provide the survey on disk on the same working day. All site surveys are individually priced. Contact us for more information.




Consultants, Contractors, and Private Housing Developers are now aware of the speed and accuracy of fully coordinated Setting Out. Setting Out can be priced by the hour, day or on a contract basis. Should you wish to discuss anything regarding Setting Out, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors Services are experienced in the preparation of Internal Plans, Sections, and Elevations of many large buildings in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. All building surveys are individually priced and a quotation or site meeting is provided free of charge. Contact us for more information... 




Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors Services have always been aware of Health and Safety at work. As a direct result, the Company established a Confined Space Survey Operation.


All our Surveyors are specially trained for Confined Space Surveys and the operation carries full rescue outfits including Rescue Tripods, Breathing Apparatus, Gas Detectors, Harnesses, and Lighting Sets.


Our Survey Teams are available to carry out work in large underground Culverts, Pipes, and Ducts. These surveys can then be computer plotted and provided on negatives or computer disks. This service is available at an hourly or daily rate, or for a predetermined fixed price. To arrange a site meeting please do not hesitate to contact us.




Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors Services have been involved in complete Sewer Surveys of many large towns. This has involved the accurate recording of data which can be computer loaded and used to form sewer models of entire Towns or Cities. We have proven ability in the accuracy of our Data Recording and the reliability of our Level Circuits.


All manholes are coded and mapped onto existing Survey Maps with all Sewer Runs clearly drawn. Man Entry Sewer Surveys are also available and are backed up with our confined space experience. Quotations for this service can be per manhole or on a contract basis for a complete town or city.




Over the past years, LCC | KSA Land Surveyors Services have provided large Traverse Circuits for Ariel Surveys, Electricity Pylon Lines and the laying of Pipe Runs. This service is mainly directed towards overseas Survey work although relating Site Surveys to Irish or National Grids has become increasingly popular. Traversing information can be obtained using a Total Station or G.P.s System depending on the Clients Specification or Terrain.


LCC-KSA Land Surveyors Services have Surveyors with Overseas experience and would be available to work in the Whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

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Land Constructions - KSA Land Surveyors

Topographic Survey & GIS Mapping

Road Survey & Earthwork Survey

Railway Survey & Pipeline Survey

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