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Land Survey and GIS Mapping

Land Survey & GIS Mapping

Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

Our Surveying Services are able to provide detailed Topographic Surveying. Topographic surveys to provide the required level of detail as agreed in the client scope relating to the features within an assigned survey boundary. This information is integral to all stages of the project life cycle and provides solid results for feasibility, planning, design, contours, construction, and handover.
GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

Land Construction Co. | Ksa Land Surveyors GIS mapping offers a comprehensive digital mapping service by utilizing the latest geographic information system technology, and digital ordnance survey data to produce a diverse variety of accurate mapping. We can help you visualize your assets more effectively by mapping them onto a GIS Mapping.
3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning provides a better way to quickly and accurately capture as-built conditions for building documentation. 3D laser scanning captures as-built conditions rapidly and precisely. Once assembled, the scanned images reveal building relationships in ways difficult to imagine, let alone measure. LCC provides detailed spatial information to architects, designer, engineers, and builders.
Construction Survey

Construction Survey

By using the preset project control points, robotic total stations, and real-time GNSS, we layout all sections of the project with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. We provide horizontal and Vertical Layout for all components and types of construction projects survey. Our expertise, knowledge, and resources allow us to scale up when needed by the contractors.
Earthwork Construction

Earthwork Construction

Road Construction

Road Construction

Earthwork construction is an important part of your construction project so you need to make sure they are done correctly. When you choose Land Construction Company as your earthwork contractor in Saudi Arabia. At Land Construction Co., we are very proud of our earthwork services. We develop sites for municipalities, developers, builders, owners, and general contractors.
Land Construction Company is the ideal service provider delivering all road construction, highway construction and Asphalt Paving services from one source. Best qualified employees and the use of the latest technology and machinery guarantee work of the highest quality completed by the deadline. Our good relationship with the asphalt mixing plant means Land Construction Company.

Our Mission

With the Best Experience and Excellent Expertise
Survey Equipment

As a Professional Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors Firm, We seek to improve and enhance our Profession by providing our clients with the highest quality of service possible and our employees with challenging and rewarding careers. KSALS takes its responsibility to its clients and profession seriously.  We strive to provide services at a high level.  We understand our role in a world where the changing regulations make it difficult for clients to fully do what they want with their properties or projects. 

KSALS strives to provide what we feel is a very cost-effective and valuable service.  That is, to provide expert, up-to-date use of technical equipment we have on a site by site basis. Through our team of qualified field and office technicians, as well as with our network of professional associates KSALS.

KSALS will provide not only traditional boundary land surveying but all other location services needed to begin the design process for architectural or engineering disciplines.  We pride ourselves on having the latest equipment information and technologies so that we may offer the very best in service to our clients.

The final word about KSALS is flexibility. Whether a client requires minor property line services, boundary or full site locations included all types of surveying services, we are willing and able to work in any capacity that is useful to our client.

Survey Equipmen

Our Vision

Provide You All Services in a Timely

Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors strives to be the leading Land Surveying firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing clients with expertise, value, and the latest technology in all work. From concept to completion, we will provide exceptional service and work closely with both clients and contractors to achieve outstanding constructed projects for the client, public, and environment to enjoy for years to come. 

KSALS are very proud of our hands-on team. In most cases, the person you speak to when you first contact (Ksa Land Surveyors) is the person who will come out and will deal with your project from start to finish. In our line of work, continuity is important and we feel it is vital to the success of your project.


KSA Land Surveyors' quality is ensured by our system procedures and a "right-first-time" attitude. Our value relationships and are always keen to provide references and testimonials about the level of service we deliver.


Through our extensive surveying experience and using the latest most efficient equipment we provide our customers with reliable deliverables on time, every time. Each member of the (KSALS) team is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Survey Equipmen

Our Purpose

To Improve The Development and Work Progress

Be responsive to our clients’ needs and desires by providing a complete understanding of the role of a Land Surveying professional through honest, effective communication before, during, and after project completion.

PRECISION is the key to our success and it continues to keep us ahead.

EXCELLENCE exercise professional excellence and ethics.

ACCURACY adapting the accuracy to the Client’s requirement is our mission.

KSA Land Surveyors is a highly experienced team of land surveyors, dedicated to putting more detail at your fingertips when you need it.


KSALS are committed to responding to your quotation requests as quickly as possible - most prices are turned around within one day. We offer extensive experience in a range of measured survey services including all types of Land surveying Services like Topographic Survey, GIS Mapping, Quantity Survey in all the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

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