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Construction Survey

Construction Survey are used before the construction process to establish desired positions for various structures. In many cases, this form of a survey will be used to mark locations for roads, sidewalks, building corners, and other critical structural elements. A survey is required to ensure accurate measurements are followed throughout the process.


The Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors provide professional, reliable and competitive surveyor solutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for companies covering many industries including but not limited to construction, mining and civil engineering. We have demonstrated our professionalism and capabilities as the construction and engineering project surveyors for very large and complex projects and we are sufficiently resourced with experienced and dedicated staff to start and complete any project on time and on budget throughout Saudi Arabia.


Since our inception, we have partnered with large civil construction companies, engineering companies, commercial builders and residential builders to provide a premier surveyor service in the field of construction.


⇒ As-built Survey depicts the results of the construction site and locates buildings, parking spaces, utilities, etc. As-built surveys are commonly done in layers and are created at specific phases in a project.


⇒ Construction surveys are site layout surveys that tell the builder where to build and at what elevation to build. They generally include an as-built survey before construction and then set staking flags to mark the new location of structures and buildings based on the civil engineer’s construction plans.


⇒ Construction Staking is used to reference the plan layout and design so builders know the location of where and to what depth to place underground utilities, buildings, curb, and gutter, sidewalks, fire hydrants, catch basins parking lots and street paving.


⇒ Rough Grade Staking identifies the change in current grade elevation and final grade elevation at site locations. It is used to prep the site for construction by changing slopes for drainage, building foundations, catch basins, parking lots, and roadways.


⇒ Construction staking is a continuous process throughout the project and is used at various levels of development.


Survey Crew


Our construction survey crews have over 10 years of construction surveying experience. We use the Leica Total Stations to ensure that we provide our clients with accurate and cost effective surveys.  Our field crews have the knowledge and resources to handle field calculations and adapt to the challenges of a live site.


We have experience in industrial, civil, structural mechanical, piping, volume surveys, road construction, piles, setting anchor bolts, bridge construction, dyke construction and more.

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Construction Survey


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