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Earth Work, Backfilling, Excavation & Asphalt Road Work:

Also, Land Construction Co / KSA Land Surveyors are Earth-Work & Rental Equipment Company and we are providing service for all types of Road Works, Asphalt Works, Excavation such as Plant Work Excavation, Building Excavation, Roads Excavation, Hills Excavation, Trench Excavation & Back-Filling of Plant Area, Lay down Area, Camp Area, Site Area, Equipment Rental, and Leveling Works at very competitive rates.
We have all types of Heavy Equipment’s Graders, Excavators, Bulldozers, Loaders, Backhoe Loader, Forklift, Dumpers, Low Bed & Flatbed Trailers, etc. We have very expert Operators & Drivers. We are also providing rent all the mention equipment’s with operators at very competitive rates on daily, monthly and yearly basis agreements.


Industrial And Commercial Site Development:

Start your next industrial construction project confidently: Partner with LCC-KSALS has the equipment, professional project managers, and expert field staff to execute all phases of industrial site development — whether you’re building or expanding a refinery/petrochemical facility, power plant, mining facilities. 


Tackling a commercial construction project? Whether it’s hotel construction in a high-density area or a suburban office park with poor soil conditions, KSALS the one to call. Veit has the know-how to ensure your success. You can count on our highly trained field staff, professional project managers, and a rock-solid commitment to your schedule and your budget.


Environmental Remediation:

Remediating soil and groundwater contamination requires a thorough understanding of hazardous materials and environmental regulations. Turn to KSA Land Surveyors with confidence. We’ve earned a reputation for safety and compliance by working closely with many state regulatory agencies and local government units. We can provide the Earth Work Facilities in the whole Kingdom Saudi Arabia | KSA.

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