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When you think about maps, images probably come to mind of paper fold-out roadmaps or perhaps an atlas you used in school days. But today’s GIS maps go far beyond the static maps of years past.

GIS is an acronym for geographic information systems. It’s a specific type of mapping technology that allows you to layer data tied to geographic points. Rather than seeing just a few key features on a static map, GIS mapping allows you to view customizable combinations of data layers in a dynamic tool.

GIS mapping helps you to visualize and identify patterns that are difficult to see if the data elements are in table format. It also helps to identify patterns that emerge when you view two or more datasets together. 


You can use GIS to map any data element that can be tied to a latitude and longitude (a geospatial point). In business, this may include the locations of current customers, the locations of consumers who have a high likelihood of becoming customers, the locations of competitors, estimates of demand specific services per household, demographic characteristics such as average income, and more.

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KSA Land Surveyors provides ArcGIS Services, GIS Remote Sensing services, GIS Mapping services, and GIS Data conversions Services. Our GIS services allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis, and utilization.

Based on paper or electronic data either captured by our customers or otherwise collected, KSALS Technologies undertakes GIS data conversions and prepares electronic maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

By integrating GIS, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), using high-end GIS Mapping and GIS data conversions software, our GIS Services assist our customers in producing maps including contour maps, spatial maps, atlas maps, cadastral maps, thematic and zonal maps, landscape maps, environmental maps for host industries such as mining, utility sector, agriculture, petroleum pipelines, town planning, and other GIS Mapping companies and GIS Remote Sensing companies.

We offer Gis Mapping service throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to clients, including architects and Planning Consultants, utilities, Developers, Builders, and other local authorities.

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Land Construction Co. can provide GIS services to fully illustrate a variety of technical and geographic features. These features may include the analysis of local market influences, habitat constraints, transportation corridors, site selection analysis and other issues of importance. 


LCC | KSA Land Surveyors also uses GPS technology to aid with site-specific data collection. KSALS incorporates GIS to complement its commitment to providing excellent customer service.  The majority of the KSALS staff is GIS/GPS capable and can respond quickly to all client needs. Maps created with ArcGIS software can be printed and used to support written documents or provide visuals for project meetings.

Geographic Information Systems are a widespread tool of spatial information management. The applications based on GIS can store, analyze, and correlate spatial data with descriptive attributes. The applications are countless and actually concern all activities related to spatial information.


Significant fields of applications are their use for cartographic purposes, databases’ development, modeling and design of utility networks, natural risk models development and decision making, and special applications like routes optimization, business plans analyzing, and property register.

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LCC | KSA Land Surveyors GIS Mapping offers a comprehensive digital mapping service, by utilizing the latest geographic information system technology and digital Ordnance Survey data to produce a diverse variety of accurate mapping.

Accurate mapping is a prerequisite for all things related to land and property, to produce useful graphic representations. In partnership with our mapping service, we also provide a GPS surveying service for the recording and establishment of boundaries.

KSA Land Surveyors’ GIS mapping team offers a comprehensive digital mapping service, commensurate with a firm of land and building based surveyors. By utilizing the latest geographic information system (GIS) technology and digital Ordnance Survey (OS) data to produce a diverse variety of accurate plans and mapping, the team delivers accurate costs and effective plans in support of our agents and your operational needs.

Global positioning system (GPS) data collection for land surveying is a service offered by KSA Land Surveyors that complements our digital mapping service. With centimeter accuracy from a satellite receiver, GPS delivers a fast and accurate method of surveying boundaries and other features.

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