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Marine Survey

We have been providing marine survey, hydrographic survey, and bathymetric survey solutions to our clients for the last 10 years and have seen the industry change drastically. We started in the time of hand-drawn maps and transponders and now look forward to the future of hydrographic surveying using the latest GNSS and echo-sounding technologies. We have been involved in dredging campaigns across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE and have worked closely with all the leading dredging contractors. Among our capabilities are the following:

•    Marine Survey, High Resolution Single Beam and Multibeam Survey                                              
•    Magnetometer, Backscatter Survey
•    River bed surveys, including river velocity

•    Bathymetric survey, Sub Bottom Profiler Survey
•    Pipeline survey, Marine Electric Cable Survey
•    Side scan sonar survey, Acoustic Doppler current profiler Survey
•    Wave measurements and Dredging Survey
•    Meteorological and Oceanographic Survey
•    Current measurements
•    Supervision and control of dredging survey and modeling
•    Wreck investigations
•    Sand thickness measurements underwater
•    Underwater soil investigations
•    Dive inspections and underwater photography

Marine Survey and ADCP Survey,

Bathymetric and Hydrographic,

Marine Dredging Survey,

Marine Survey

Marine Survey


Our in-house geophysicists have strong experience in a multitude of geophysical data processing techniques and data interpretation. We conduct marine geophysical surveys to aid your engineering project, reducing cost and risk. 

•    Near shore reflection seismic survey
•    Marine Geophysical Survey




In today's world environmental monitoring has never been so important. We provide a combination of data acquisition, project management, survey, and consultancy services. We have an in-depth knowledge of Irish Dumping at Sea legislation and permitting and have successfully procured a number of licenses for our clients.

Among our survey solutions to environmental problems include:

•    ADCP and direct style current metering, static and transect style.
•    Turbidity monitoring, transect, and fixed buoy style.
•    Marine Temperature and salinity measurements.
•    Tidal recording and tidal prediction.
•    Sea bed sampling and sediment analysis to Marine Institute specification.
•    Volumetric analysis of sea bed change, Environmental baseline studies.

Oceanographic Survey

Side Scan Sonar Survey,

Sub Bottom Profiler Survey,

Marine Survey

Marine Survey

Land Construction Company undertakes contracts for clients that range from offshore exploration, construction and telecommunication companies to government agencies and harbor authorities. The company’s key services include:

•    Hydrographic and geophysical surveys
•    Seabed mapping, Debris clearance, and seabed leveling survey
•    Rig survey and platform site survey
•    Offshore pipeline route survey
•    Marine cable route survey
•    2D high-resolution data acquisition and interpretation
•    Shallow gas hazard analysis
•    Sediment sampling survey and in situ testing
•    Pipeline and cable trenching recommendations, and
•    Offshore wind farming & Tidal power generation projects
•    Cathodic protection survey services


Seabed morphology is a vital component of offshore engineering and construction works. So ‘Bathymetry survey’ provides the basic information regarding seabed morphology. LCC’s commitment to work has further enhanced the scope of this work as per the industrial requirement with the application of Multibeam bathymetry survey services by providing a better image of the seabed morphology. The role in understanding the LCC’s Geoscientists routinely produce marine geo-hazard site survey reports for the oil and gas industry. These reports evaluate and identify the subsurface geology [shallow stratigraphy] of the seabed or in the foundation zone where hazardous subsurface features or unstable soil conditions exist. The reports comply with the Minerals Management Service's most recent guidelines regarding platform, drill site placements, pipe lay, and harbor constructions.

Marine Meteorological Survey,

Marine Geophysical Survey,

Environmental Baseline Studies,

Marine Survey
Marine Survey Title Image


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