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3D Laser Scanning



Earthwork & Stockpile

Quantity Survey

The professional surveyors at LCC Company have the skills and expertise to measure the volumes of earthworks to the required accuracy. Accurately determining earthwork volumes can save you money. A typical type of project undertaken by LCC has been to measure both earthwork and materials stockpiles.


We take two-dimensional plans and or CAD files and turn them into three-dimensional data that we can extract valuable data. Our earthwork quantity calculation reports can be used to bid competitively on site and earthwork projects. We figure excavation, backfilling, embankment, import materials, offhaul materials, balance sites, and areas of interest so that you know exactly what it will take to construct the project. No matter if you are creating a building platform, landscape elements or civil works for subdivisions, investing in earthworks means that you will get accurate numbers on the volumes required for the planned work. I also work with site logistics planning for example tip sites where I calculate the number and size of trucks and excavators required. 

Earthwork Quantity Survey,

Excavation and Backfilling Survey,

Road Work Quantity Survey,

Earthwork Quantity Calculations

Stockpiles Volumetric Survey

We are able to carry out stockpiles and volume calculations for either regular updates or one off site visits to stockpile yards, quarries and construction sites. We have experience in working in a wide variety of sites across the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.


KSA Land Surveyors teams are capable of measuring the quantity of stockpiles, no matter the complication of the stacking arrangements, for the purpose of stock control.  With downloading the data collected from the site into special software, a 3D model of the stockpiles can be generated by calculating the volumes of the stockpiles, where the quantities are calculated by knowing the density of the materials.  LCC/KSALS has an excellent outstanding with major companies in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia handling crush stones and rocks business for stockpiles quantity survey on semi-annual and annual basis for the purpose of stock control and auditing.

We have provided volumetric surveys to accurately calculate stockpile volumes, extraction quantities, and volumes of earthworks. We use 3D Laser Scanners, Laser Total Stations, and GPS for different types of uncrushed and crushed Raw Material stockpile quantity survey calculations.

•   Upgraded beneficiated ilmenite, ore base resources kwale ilmenite, kenmare ilmenite, low volatile content anthracite, anthracite, chloride fines slag, nodular iron, refmin gmbh, refcarb, coating material, and harram gra stockpiles volumetric quantity calculation survey.
•   Bauxite, Iron Ore, Oxide Fines, Gypsum, Clay, Limestone, and Clinker stockpiles quantity and volumetric survey.
•   Coke and Sulfur stockpiles volumetric quantity survey.
•   Raw sugar, white sugar, and molasses stockpile quantity calculations survey.
•   Synthetic rutile, Ore Cristal BHT Ilmenite, leucoxene, and ore exxarro chloride slag stockpile quantity calculations survey.

Stockpile Quantity Survey,

Uncrushed and crushed Stockpile,

Raw Materials Stockpile Survey,

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