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Topographic Survey 

To complement our client's design and engineering work we offer full Topographic Survey Services for all types of projects. These surveys are carried out by our expert land surveyors’ teams. Whose extensive experience includes all types of topographic surveys, setting out, and computerized plotting and designing. We offer professional and rapid services with accuracy and clear presentation. Each topographic survey can be tailored to suit your needs. More On Page:

Road Topographic Survey,

Pipeline Topographic Survey,

Plant Topographic Survey etc.

Survey Services

Construction Survey 

Construction Survey are used before the construction process to establish desired positions for various structures. In many cases, this form of survey will be used to mark locations for roads, sidewalks, building corners, and other critical structural elements. A survey is required to ensure accurate measurements are followed throughout the process. We provide professional, reliable, and competitive surveyor solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for our Clients and Companies. More On Page:

Road Construction Survey,

Buildings Construction Survey,

Industrial Plant Construction Survey,

Survey Services

Subsurface investigations using Ground Penetrating Radar survey (GPR Survey) is a non-destructive technique to produce a cross-section profile of the subsurface without any drilling, trenching, or ground disturbances. The profiles are used for detecting buried utilities, such as pipes, cables, etc in a totally non-destructive manner. Additionally, subject to requirements, we also use Cable & Pipe Locators, and for precise definitions of locations, we use DGPS and Electronic Total Stations. More On Page:

GPR Survey,

Underground Utility Detection,

Voids and Cavity Detection Survey,

Survey Services

We have been providing hydrographic survey and bathymetric survey solutions to our clients for the last 10 years and have seen the industry change drastically. We started in the time of hand-drawn maps and transponders and now look forward to the future of hydrographic surveying using the latest GNSS and echo-sounding technologies. We have been involved in dredging campaigns across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and have worked closely with all the leading dredging contractors. More On Page:

Marine Survey and ADCP Survey,

Bathymetric and Hydrographic,

Dredging Survey etc.

Survey Services

3D Laser Scanning provides a better way to quickly and accurately capture as-built conditions for building documentation. 3D laser scanning captures as-built conditions rapidly and precisely. Once assembled, the scanned images reveal building relationships in ways difficult to imagine, let alone measure. LCC provides detailed spatial information to architects, design professionals, engineers, and builders. Laser scanning is essentially the precise capture of three-dimensional information. More On Page:

3D Laser Scanning,

3D Revit Model,

BIM Modelling etc.

Survey Services

When you think about maps, images probably come to mind of paper fold-out roadmaps or perhaps an atlas you used in school days. But today’s GIS maps go far beyond the static maps of years past. GIS is an acronym for geographic information systems. It’s a specific type of mapping technology that allows you to layer data tied to geographic points. Rather than seeing just a few key features on a static map, GIS mapping allows you to view customizable combinations of data layers. More On Page

 ArcGIS Mapping Services,

GIS Remote Sensing Services,

GIS Data conversions Services etc.

Survey Services

Geodetic Survey entails locating and relating the position of objects on the earth relative to each other while taking into account the size, shape, and gravity of the earth. This type of survey is suited for large areas and long lines and is used to find the precise location of basic points needed for establishing control for other surveys. Horizontal and vertical networks that span the country form the primary spatial reference system used in mapping, boundary demarcation, and other geomatics applications. More On Page:

Geodetic Survey,

Traversing Survey and 

Levelling Survey etc.

Survey Services
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